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Mechanics get a bad reputation because there are a lot of dishonest mechanics out there. We see it all the time when customers bring their cars in for a second opinion. Today, we saw an example that is particularly outrageous. An older gentleman had brought his car to a car care franchise that specializes in exhaust work because his car sounded loud. It’s a well know franchise, and these exhaust “experts” let him know that he needed to replace the catalytic converter on his vehicle at a cost of $2,307. The car care franchise also let him know that his radiator was leaking and they would be happy to replace the radiator for a total cost of $650. This customer decided to bring the car to us for a second opinion and it’s a good thing that he did. We checked the exhaust and found that the catalytic converter didn’t need to be replaced, there was a cracked flange that we were able to weld for a total cost of $125. Had it not been in such an awkward loca ... read more


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