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Mechanics get a bad reputation because there are a lot of dishonest mechanics out there. We see it all the time when customers bring their cars in for a second opinion.

Today, we saw an example that is particularly outrageous. An older gentleman had brought his car to a car care franchise that specializes in exhaust work because his car sounded loud. It’s a well know franchise, and these exhaust “experts” let him know that he needed to replace the catalytic converter on his vehicle at a cost of $2,307. The car care franchise also let him know that his radiator was leaking and they would be happy to replace the radiator for a total cost of $650.

This customer decided to bring the car to us for a second opinion and it’s a good thing that he did. We checked the exhaust and found that the catalytic converter didn’t need to be replaced, there was a cracked flange that we were able to weld for a total cost of $125. Had it not been in such an awkward location, the cost would have been even lower.

The radiator was leaking and our estimate for the repair was $344 – compare that to the $650 the price quoted by the car care franchise.

Let that sink in for a moment:

Catalytic converter replacement price (car care franchise): $2,307
Catalytic converter repair price (OGT): $125

Radiator replacement price (car care franchise): $650
Radiator replacement price (OGT): $344

This is outrageous and these guys should be ashamed of themselves.

This is a pretty bad example, but there are less obvious examples that these clowns successfully sell every day. Do you know enough about your car to avoid getting ripped off when you take it in for service? Did your car really need that caliper? Does that ball joint really need to be replaced? If you don’t need it, we won’t try to sell it to you. If you do need it, you can count on getting a fair and reasonable estimate.

At Oriskany Garage, our values center around honesty and integrity and we believe in taking care of our customers with reasonable prices, quality parts, and the best service. When your car needs tires, brakes, NY State Inspection, wheel bearings, timing belt replacement, AC service, or any other auto repair please think of us. Stop by and see us on Champlin Ave just down the street from Utica College, visit our website at ogtire.com or give us a call.


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