Oil Change in Utica, NY

The engine oil is your vehicle's lifeblood. Without changing the oil, foreign particles build up in the fluid and cause corrosion and damage to the motor's internal parts. Failure to replace the oil filter means debris and particulate matter will clog the filter, and it may lose its ability to filter out foreign particles. When your engine oil and filter aren’t changed regularly, problems can occur such as engine overheating, part damage, and engine failure.

Skipping an oil change can cause your engine's performance level to dwindle because the pistons and other internal parts are forced to operate through the muck, pushing them to work harder than necessary. This is why it is so important to keep track of your vehicle’s service schedule when it comes to oil and filter changes and to ensure that each service is performed on time and by a quality auto repair shop.

You may have a modern vehicle that sends you an Engine Oil Change alert in your Driver Information Center (DIC). This information is often delivered by your vehicle's computer system that detects the need for oil and filter change. If you don’t have a vehicle that is as technologically advanced, set yourself a reminder for your oil change based upon manufacturer-recommended intervals.

Oriskany Garage is dedicated to providing quality auto repair to our community of car owners here in Utica, NY. We've been doing what we do since 1966 and boast a team of ASE-certified technicians who have decades of experience. When performing your vehicle’s regular oil and filter change, we use the best parts and factory-level equipment to guarantee top-notch work.

Benefits of Regular Oil and Filter Change

By changing your engine oil and the oil filter, you rid the engine of foreign particles and dirt, which can otherwise lead to significant corrosion of the engine parts. As a result, your engine gets an extended functional lifespan. Furthermore, regular oil change service also improves your car's gas mileage. With a highly efficient car motor, you'll be able to cover longer distances with reduced gas, therefore saving you money on fuel costs.

If you need an oil change service in Utica, NY, and the surrounding neighborhoods, don't hesitate to bring your car to seasoned experts here at Oriskany Garage today!

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