Pre-Purchase Inspections in Utica, NY

Purchasing a vehicle can be tricky, especially if you have identified a pre-owned vehicle as a potential buy. It's understandable to be excited about the whole matter. Still, sometimes the joy can get the better of you and you may fail to identify some mechanical, cosmetic, and safety issues hidden underneath the hood. It's critical to conduct a pre-purchase vehicle inspection to fully understand what you're getting into and the future financial implications of your purchase.

What is a Pre-Purchase Car Inspection?

A pre purchase vehicle inspection (PPI) is a thorough vehicle assessment done by a certified auto technician to evaluate the cosmetic, safety, and mechanical aspects of a used vehicle before purchase. The reason for a PPI is to unveil any hidden conditions or potential failure within the vehicle that may lead to a substantial financial burden for the potential buyer in the future.

If you plan to purchase a pre-used vehicle, you can rely on Oriskany Garage in Utica, NY to help you understand the car's condition. We have ASE-certified technicians who work on all makes and models of vehicles and are the experts in their field. Our shop has also invested in state-of-the-art equipment and tools over the years to be able to perform a thorough inspection of any used vehicle that you are considering. Our professionals can deliver a comprehensive report on the vehicle's internal and external condition to enable you to make the most informed purchase decision.

We are also committed to helping you take care of the pre-owned car you purchase if you decide to move forward with the transaction after our pre-purchase inspection. We keep the file of your inspection results on hand and we will help you prioritize and keep track of any needed services or repairs to ensure your car runs smoothly. You'll have peace of mind, knowing that you have professionals at your corner to help you better understand your purchase decision and how you can cater to its maintenance needs while fitting into your budget.

Finding a reputable vehicle technician who can provide a client-focused and unbiased PPI can be challenging, but you have us. If you need a pre purchase vehicle inspection in Utica, NY, don't hesitate to bring your car or truck to our seasoned auto professionals here at Oriskany Garage today

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