Wheel Bearing

wheel bearingYour wheel bearings may be something you’ve never given a thought to. Wheel bearings are what enable your wheels to spin freely and since they bear the entire weight of the vehicle, they have to be tough. Wheel bearings can last well over 100,000 miles but they do wear out and must eventually be replaced. We offer the best wheel bearing in Utica, NY!

Wheel Bearings Utica NY

You might hear a groaning or grinding sound from your wheels. Some people say their car sounds like a helicopter or an airplane taking off as they accelerate when they have a bad wheel bearing. The sound might disappear at some speeds and reappear at others. We can quickly diagnose a wheel bearing for you through a short test/inspection and provide a free estimate for repair.

Taking care of bad bearings is extremely important. When bearings go bad, they generate tremendous amounts of heat – enough to lock up the wheel or in some cases the wheel can even fall off. Either of these could cause a serious accident. Have your wheel bearings inspected if you suspect a problem and replace them right away if there is one.

Wheel Bearings Near Me

On a typical day, we diagnose and replace multiple wheel bearings so you can be comfortable knowing that your car will be properly diagnosed and repaired at the best possible price. We offer the best service for your wheel bearings in Utica, NY, and our team is just waiting to help with yours. Call Oriskany Garage today or make an appointment online if you suspect that you have a bad wheel bearing.

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